ZFS and MacOS


Anyone around these parts have any experience running ZFS? It's probably time I considered it for all my stuff.

I LIKE the way NAS suppliers like Synology & QNAP have what is in essence 'replication' to 'hot backup' arrays (locally or remotely located).
I like the idea of having a Thunderbolt array locally attached for speedy access (QNAP has a dual TB3/10GigE NAS), and then being able to use 1/10/40GigE between NAS boxes to communicate to the hot backup.

I'm looking at RaidMachines, Areca, and others for around 20TB at the moment, but at the price-point I'd like to hit, the commercial vendors don't tend to have boxes that hit all the features I want.....

SAS drives
ZFS (If it wanted Btrfs I could probably go with QNAP)
Swappable network cards (up to 40GigE)
Array-controlled data replication to other arrays
Cloud replication agent software (Backblaze, Amazon, etc...)

The consumer-facing suppliers have some features, while the commercial-facing suppliers have different features. Guess I'm looking for 'prosumer' gear.

And then we get to all the Apple-layered weirdness...
Time Machine support (maybe)
FileVault2 support
other stuff....

Looking for insights.


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Guess I'm looking for 'prosumer' gear.
LOL, love the sig!! I'd be interested in the answers myself. I'm not an Apple user myself but most software works on everything nowadays.

I always loathed the cloud storage options myself but it seems to be the way everything is going. What kind of files are you looking to be able to access and how quickly do you need them would be the most important questions I would think. For myself, it would be a backup of my storage drives on my main rig as well as being able to stream from (ie being able to install/attach plex would be awesome).

I have 8TB worth of drive space in my main rig but have absolutely no redundancy as I have it set as a spanned drive in windows and my main 3TB drive is on the way out so have been looking for different options. HDD's are relatively cheap but would like to get away from having to have everything stored locally and don't really want to go the NAS route.
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