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I've been with Start Communications since February 2013. I've only ever had internet service through them so can't speak to any other services they offer.

I was previously with Rogers in Scarborough, but decided to switch to Start for internet because the price was better and I'd rather do business with an indy than the cartel. My promo period with Rogers was up and rather than do the dance I took advantage of Start's free cable internet transfer. Calling in to arrange service was easy. It's not unusual to call into Start and have a human being actually answer the phone. Install date was set and the installation went off without a hitch.

We've had numerous problems with Rogers' infrastructure in this area. It's old, and a lot of the aerial is up in the trees being pounded by branches and eaten by squirrels. RF noise is a constant battle as are all the intermittent connection issues that arise as a result.

Two+ years into it the intermittent RF problem got so bad it was unbearable, and in those situations Start is at Rogers mercy. Down time was reaching epidemic proportions and I had had enough. I had no choice but to switch to Rogers to get the problem fixed. Within 2 weeks of the switchback and getting the Office Of The President involved, a senior tech with a boom truck found the problem exactly where I'd been telling them it was for 2 years. At the back of the building where the main building cable attaches to the building - there was no buffer loop, so every time the wind pulled at the cable it twisted and rubbed it at one specific point, causing the cable to wear through to the ground and crack the main line. On windy days the RF would go nuts.

Lo and behold, 9 months right at the very beginning of the PUMA debacle, before we knew about the chipset bug. Massive intermittent latency spikes, noise and packet loss. Eight months of that was plenty. Time to get off Rogers.

So back to Start I go, this time on a stable 50/10 VDSL connection. Another flawless install call, albeit on a blasted stinger, robbing me of upload, so 50/7 was the best I ever did. Until the summer of 2018 when Bell fiber came into my building. Suddenly, my 50/10 was 40/3 and calls to Start yielded Bell's unwillingness to fix anything, that was the best my line could offer, Bell was telling us to go pound sand.

Over 5 years had passed, so Rogers had done some major repairs in our area. neighbours were reporting far more stability and reliability. Start was eager to work with me to replace by totally shit VDSL connection with a cable connection on Rogers network. Since I won't allow PUMA in my home and won't buy a cable modem, 60/10 is the best Start can do for me in the Rogers cable realm. Install was flawless and it was a real pleasure pulling the plug on the VDSL. My service is stable, price is okay.

Start has always played well with me under the circumstances we are forced to deal with. Superb customer support with virtually zero wait times on the phone and courteous helpful (but still somewhat drone-like) level 1 CSRs. Reasonable prices. Have never had a price hike and actually had a price drop at one point, though meager.

For me, Start is the sweet spot for internet connections in Toronto. Best bang for the buck, outstanding customer experience.

These days, Bell has offered me several bundle deals to entice me on to their FTTH. They invariable come with a 2 year contract for at least 1 of the 3 services. The fine print on their promo offers is ludicrous. Then there's the whole idea of them sabotaging my VDSL to try and get me to switch. I cannot bring myself to deal directly with Bell, such a deplorable company.
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