Telus contributed $150 million CAD to charitable organizations in past year


Dean Daley

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Telus has announced that the carrier contributed $150 million CAD and provided one million volunteer hours to charitable organizations within the past year.

Additionally, since 2000 Telus contributed $1.2 billion to charities in Canada, including $690 million in financial support and 1.3 million days of “caring and volunteerism.”

The month of May also marks the start of the carrier’s 14th annual ‘Telus Days of Giving,’ the event that features 40,000 Telus team members and retirees across Canada volunteering at thousands of activities.

Just in 2018 alone, 36,000 Telus volunteers helped out in events across Canada. The volunteers sorted 68,000lbs of food at food banks, filled 13,500 backpacks with school supplies and served 127,000 healthy meals.

Telus has also provided 50,000 low-income homes to low-cost high-speed internet and a computer in part of its ‘Internet for Good,’ program.’ ‘Mobility for Good’ helped 15,000 youth who are ageing out of the foster care system and provided them with a mobile phone and 3GB data plan.

Additionally, the telecom’s ‘Health for Good’ program helped marginalized people, by re-connecting them with the healthcare system enabling 12,000 patient visits since 2014.

Lastly, Telus’ ‘Assistive Tech for Good’ program empowers people with “severe physical limitations” so that they can live more independently by providing compatible assistive technology, alongside training and support.

“For many years, we have proudly shared the countless ways Telus is creating positive social and economic outcomes in our communities as we lead the world in social capitalism,” said Darren Entwistle, Telus president and CEO in a press release.

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