Tell your MP that you want lower prices and more competition!


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TekSavvy has launched a new site to help people contact their MPs to tell them that we all deserve lower prices and more competition for telecom services, and to express their support for the proposed Policy Direction (separate thread about that Policy Direction here).

Visit the site at » , and then share it with your friends!

Our press release about the site is here.

The old Policy Direction from 2006, which is still in force now, allowed the CRTC to focus on encouraging incumbents to build more facilities instead of enabling competition. The result has been no competition in mobile, no competition on fibre, and years of inflated rates and high prices that drained consumers' pockets.

We think this new Policy Direction is going to be very important if it gets through, not only for us but for other competitors and ultimately for consumers. We know the carriers are going to push back hard, so consumers need to show the government that they support this new approach.

Check out the site at » , use it to send a letter to your MP, and let's make this happen!

Andy Kaplan-Myrth from TekSavvy


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Quick update: TekSavvy submitted our comments strongly supporting the new Policy Direction. It represents a bold move for consumers and sends a long overdue signal to the CRTC to put consumers first in its decision-making. Moreover, in just 11 days, 67,000 Canadians submitted letters supporting more choice and lower prices through The 2006 Policy Direction has harmed consumers and competition, and must be replaced.

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