Surface Book 2--Part 1


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Hi all,

Thanks to our wonderful friends at DirectDial, I was able to obtain some products for review purposes for our site. Since I have a thorough knowledge and experience with the Surface Pro tablets, but have never used a Surfacebook, I decided to try out the Surfacebook 2 15" and 13" "laptops."

You may be wondering why I put the word laptops in quotations. Let me explain and clarify.

First, these are my initial impressions and could very well change and also I must clearly state that thus far, I have only tried the 15" varient. I cannot do an uboxing unfortunately as the demo products did not come in commercial packaging--though I did expect this.

The Surfacebook, to me, seems rather disjointed and confused. It first appears very similar to a laptop. It opens and closes like a laptop and the overall construction is designed to mimic a laptop but that is where the similarities end. This is not necessarily a bad thing. I am all for uniqueness and originality, especially when it comes to tech. However if someone is buying a Surfacebook expecting a laptop then they could be disappointed.

First things first. This thing is huge!! Not huge in weight whatsoever as it's actually quite light but huge in the amount of real estate it garners. While not being thick whatsoever, which is surprising considering what the specs are, it is easily the equivalent size of a 17" laptop. There is ample room on the palm rest and the trackpad area is one of the biggest I have ever seen on a laptop. I'm assuming this is to match the oddly-shaped 15" screen it is attached to. Sadly Microsoft could have taken advantage of this ample space by also providing a numpad with the keyboard but, for whatever reason chose not to.

The screen itself is identical to any surface pro on the market. In fact, this "laptop" feels more like they took an over-sized Surface Pro, attached a hinge to it, gave it a permanent cover and called it a laptop. Everything, right down to the power button and volume buttons are in the exact same place you would find them on a Surface Pro. The charge port--while being in a different location, is also the exact same as a surface pro.

The 15" Model shipped to me comes fully loaded. It has an i7 8650 processor with 16GB ram (which is DDR3, which i found puzzling when paired with a new gen processor), a 1060 Nvidia GPU with 6GB of DDR5 Memory and a Samsung m2 512GB SSD.

I will continue this review later once I have had a chance to thoroughly test it out. At this point I'm not sure what to think. While there are things I absolutely love about this laptop, calling it a laptop just doesn't sit right with me. I will say that with the specs it has, it is extremely responsive and it does, according to HTC, have the specs to actually run my HTC Vive. I just have to order a mini display-port to hdmi adapter to test out that functionality.

Stay tuned for more.
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