Shocking Letter to Mr Bains from Konrad Von Finckenstein


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In a surprise turn of events, a former CRTC chair considered by many one of the worst CRTC chairs for the Canadian consumer in recent history has sent a short but very earnest and informative letter to Mr. Bains highlighting some very real and relevant concerns.

It appears to me, that even former and perceived allies within the CRTC are able to see how absolutely ridiculous the PR exercises have progressed and see a very real need for a decisive action and change.

If this does not sound alarms, then nothing will. We saw a very similar environment within the CRTC and their decisions under the leadership of Mr Von Finckenstein as we are seeing today. A lot of useless PR exercises and a great deal of anti-consumer and pro-corporation decisions. What's alarming is that our current situation is so dire that even Mr. Von Finkenstein is so concerned he felt a need to publicly scrutinize and criticize the actions of both the government and the CRTC at, what he describes as "in the age of the internet and not telephonic competition ."

If even Mr. Von Frickenstein is alarmed enough for a public outcry, we should all be extremely concerned!!

Here is the letter:

As in my usual vein, I have also sent an email directly inviting Mr. Von Frickenstein here to our forums to provide his unique perspective as a former CRTC chair.

I highly doubt he will show but it would be very interesting to have his unique perspective on what happens behind the scenes at the CRTC!
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I deleted my previous comment. Trying to be more friendly. :)

Would love to see Mr. von Finckenstein attend here and take part in discussions though I doubt that would happen.


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That's a clear, concise, and well-reasoned document !

Contrary to some commentary at the time, evidently he WAS paying attention during his own tenure.

One thing though :

It's a shame that he didn't also mention the term 'golfing' as a further synonym to 'co-opting'. ;)
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