Khabib vs McGregor


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I don't follow UFC at all but used to be an avid boxing fan back in the day. Got to know Mcgregor via his fight with Mayweather and watched a documentary on Mcrgegor. Really garnered a lot of respect for a guy that worked his way from nothing and then when he made it how he truly cares for and takes care of everyone one around him. When he made it, everyone close to him made it. It also takes a huge set of balls to crossover into another medium and out of your element when you are that well known. The guy has a huge heart and loves his county and his family and always puts both of them first.

When I saw he had a fight, I just had to watch it. What I saw was completely disgusting. From what I understand about the UFC, they are true sportsmen. It's not some fake, setup and prescripted bullshit like the wrestling entertainment industry. It's promise is that it is a sport at the truest level. Most of the card fulfilled that promise until we get to the main event. While I was disappointed with McGregor's loss, I was completely sickened by what occured after the fight. It turned into a completely WWE style event.

Now watching it for a second time, it is easily seen that the UFC has just devolved itself to the WWE style antics. You can tell by Khabib's walk to the octagon that he wasn't happy. I, at first, mistakenly thought that he was nervous about the fight. I should have recognized it for what it was--foreshadowing for what was about to happen. You could tell that something was up simply by his demeanor.

While boxing is frought with it's share of scandals, it still remains as the ONLY and sole fighting sport that has yet to devolve into this disgusting and despicable spectacle that the UFC has now digressed itself to. In my honest opinion, the UFC is now no better than the WWE or any other of those scripted fighting services. From an outsider looking in, and watching his first UFC card, from an organization that prided itself on separating itself form wrestling and being a legitimate entity, true to the sport their reputation has been forever tainted into a joke and spectacle for true sports fans and has now devolved into an "entertainment" production similar to the WWE and did a rather piss poor job of it.

UFC now stands in limbo of being a poorly orchestrated "entertainment" drama, that is prescripted or a fake sport. It's reputation has been irreputably dmaged unless it takes some extremely drastic measures and proves otherwise. If what happened was indeed not scripted, then Khabib needs to be stripped of his title and banished, leaving the title vacant or continue on down the path it started and forever be devegrated to the entertainment side of the industry and lose the reputation of a legitimate sport it has fought so hard to achieve.

To be completely honest, most of the card had me asking myself why I haven't watched the UFC or gotten involved in it when it is so widely popular but the main card confirmed for me why I never did. It smacked of a pre-scripted event and complete bullshit which is the opinion I had of the UFC and the reason why I couldn't be bothered to spend my hard earned money watching it. In one night, they turned a skeptic to an interested party back to a firm skeptic who viewed the event as an absolute joke which is a shame if the other participants were actually involved in a true sport.


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It was really because the UFC has started to allow the type of trash talking and behaviour like WWE. In the months prior to the fight McGregor really went off the deep end insulting Khabib's country, his family and his religion. And being Muslim, that really set him off.

I'm not sure if you were aware what McGregor did roughly 6 months before the fight, he and his goon squad were at at a UFC 223 media day (though McGregor wasn't even scheduled to fight at the event), an event that feature Khabib and a bunch of other fighters from his team.

After that McGregor threw a 2-wheel dolly at the bus window, and injured several fighters.

Nothing ever happened to McGregor, he wasn't suspended by the UFC. He was "arrested" and released for assault & mischief, but of course he was just given some bullshit 5 hours community service.

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