Ian Scott to the Canadian Telecom Summit “Fostering Choice, Innovation and Better Prices for Canadians”

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Since I’ve been on the job, I have spoken about the work that my fellow Commissioners and I have done with regard to regulating in the public interest. That work, by the way, is very much in keeping with the theme of your conference: the notion of creating a foundation for innovation. It’s our role to collect and help articulate the wishes of Canadians in the marketplace. We build on that foundation—those ideas and opinions—to design our policies. These in turn foster healthy market dynamics with the goal of providing all Canadians, in all regions of the country, with choice, innovative services and affordable options.

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To be extremely frank, I had a hard time keeping down my dinner while reading this.

There has never been, as far back as I can remember, such a period of inaction, avoidance of action, lack of transparency and outright and very public disdain by the CRTC towards not only the Canadian public but also towards those that provide the CRTC direction and also their fellow agencies that they should be cooperating with.

At every turn, Ian Scott has thumbed his nose at Mr. Bains and other agencies that have requested their cooperation. He has stalled providing information the CRTC has collected, has made absolutely no forward movement towards very pertinent decisions that have been on the docket for years and clawed back gains by his predecesoor.

Mr. Scott has set the Canadian telecom landscape back almost a decade from where we should be and continually stifles and smothers any motion that would benefit the Canadian consumer.

How this man still holds this position is beyond me!! His actions are clear and decisive and his motives are blatant and obvious. There is no mistaking his intentions any longer and he allowed to continue unabashed! It completely boggles my mind!
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For certain, we're in more trouble now with Scott than we ever were with Dalfen (can't speak ill of him because he's dead) or Konrad von Mumblefuck. Dalfen's penchant for supporting the cartel shrunk in the face of Sheila Copps' pro-cartel jones. And von Mumblehertz sat on either side of the fence as was politically correct at that moment - the biggest gripe I had with him was his real obvious lack of knowledge. Just... clueless.

Blais was okay, but just barely.

Scott.... we're in a lot of trouble with this guy. Pure oligopoly shill through and through.
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