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Long story short, got a new TV (LG 4K 70" TV) and am having issues with ARC/CEC.

I have the LG controlling the home theater receiver without issue but I can't, for the life of me, get audio working with the in TV apps (ie Netflix/Plex) over hdmi and it's really pissing me off. I could always use an toslink/opitcal cable (have one sitting beside me) but that would require me pulling this monster tv off the wall again, setting up a separate audio setting in my amp, etc every time I wanted to use an lg app.

Yes I have my htpc connected to the TV and it's my main viewing source for content--however it is extremely difficult to get Netflix in 4K on Windows 10 (and in the latest insider preview, edge is crashing all the time with it).

Anyone have any ideas? I have the hdmi out from the receiver to the TV's arc hdm port, the receiver only has 1 hdmi out. I'm assuming it's arc enabled as it's a fairly modern receiver (Sony STRDH550), Kind of at a loss here and just want surround sound working for the TV apps.

Edit: The specs list the STRDH550 as ARC enabled. HDMI control is turned on in the Receiver settings. Audio output on the receiver is set to AMP. Symlink and HDMI ARC are enabled on the TV. Going to put that aside for now as I have to calibrate this TV but would really appreciate any suggestions you may have!!

Edit 2: WOW, Sony chat support is completely useless. After an hour and a half with 2 separate agents (first one magically disconnected). They refused to walk through the receiver setup at all. Couldn't even provide me with a manual for my receiver!!

Edit 3: Should have called LG first. A 5 minute call to them verified that if I want to output sound when using the TV apps, I need to use an optical cable. Now i have to pull this monster off the wall by myself to plug one in! :(

EDIT 4(FFS): I now have another issue. Even though my receiver does 4k passthrough, it's not hdmi 2.0 compliant so i get no hdr in windows settings. If I plug directly to the tv, I have no issue but the issue with that is, even though I now have optical running from the TV to the receiver, my pc doesn't recognize it as a 5.1 device so I can't pass through 5.1 sound via hdmi to the tv and then 5.1 to the receiver.

My gpu has 2 hdmi ports (RX 580) so I thought GREAT, I'll hook one to the receiver and one to the TV and just disable the display for the receiver and use that for audio only!! Good idea right? Except when you disable the display, you loose the audio as well! It's looking like I have to either buy another optical cable or either a dvi (if that even does hdr, IDK or a display port to hdmi--though I am wondering if I'll still run into the same problem with the displays there with either of the latter 2 options).

EDIT 5: Found a workaround. I use hdmi 1 on the gpu to the tv and hdmi 2 to the receiver. I then set the tv as the main display and set the audio device to hdmi 2 to the receiver. This allows me to HDR on my main display and audio out over hdmi to my receiver. I haven't tried gaming with it yet but I'm sure there are settings in games to only use your main display. Win win for now. This also allows me to output the sound for the tv apps over optical and solves all of my issues for now!!

If you are thinking I am crazy to go through all of this just for this "new fangled hdr crap," I would have agreed with you until I saw it. My last 4k didn't have hdr so I didn't know what I was missing out on. HDR is like 4k on Steroids. It is definitely worth the effort!!

Time for bed! Good night!! :D
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