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El Quintron

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First Impressions:

The FiiO A5 is an ingenious little device, which allows you to use your mobile device as a proper audio component. It's battery powered, and has roughly the surface of an iPod classic and twice the thickness. I own two other FiiO devices, the e10k which I use as a DAC for my PC, and the X3 which is a high quality DAP.

It has a rechargeable battery and doesn't rely on your device for power.


-Powerful, clean sound
-small package for an amplifier
-Bass Boss if that's your thing
-Good Mids & Treble
-decent battery life (I may revisit this in six months if it starts discharging too quickly)


-Limited connectivity Line in/out only, USB is only for charging
-No real way to dock this and your portable device, FiiO's idea of docking is an industrial elastic and a non slip mat.
-Seems expensive @160/cad, but I know real audiophiles and I know this isn't very expensive.
-Doesn't offer a solution to devices without a headphone jack (to be fair it never was intended as this, but a USB or bluetooth connection would have gone a long way, IIRC more recent models offer this)

Ultimately this device was purchased to output high quality audio from my Raspberry Pi 3 which will ultimately serve either as a portable music or movie streamer.

Pics incoming.

El Quintron

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Pic Description:

Top Left: Carrying Case
Bottom Left: Box
Top Middle: Male to Male included connector
Bottom Middle: Foam Casing, Slip Matts (2x)
Top Right: Elastics & Charging Cable
Bottom Right: A5 Headphone Amplifier
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