CRTC Telecom Exchange Program--Selling out our Future


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The very organization that is supposed to to protect the best interests of the Canadian Public in regards to the telecom sector has organized and fostered an "insider trading" conflict of interest environment by way of an exchange program.

This program allows top telecom industry execs (from Bell, Telus, Rogers, etc) to obtain a position at the CRTC. While they are there, their salary is still provide to them via the telecom company and then the CRTC uses taxpayer dollars and reimburses that amount to that telecom company. Yet another way our tax dollars are pilfered back to the likes of Bell and the other major telecoms. I would desperately like to know how many high level executives salaries we are funding every year just so they can have a position of influence to ensure the companies signing their paycheques get favorable decisions from the CRTC!!

Great little scam they have going on there. Bell/Rogers/Telus gets to place someone deep inside the CRTC and under their control as they are still holding their financial future and well being in their hands. Ensuring they have an influencer on the inside to drive decisions in their favor. How deep does this go and how many staffers at the CRTC are actual telecom company employees? How much money has come from the Canadian taxpayer to pay the salaries of telecom company executives over the years?

Great deal for Bell/Rogrers/Telus/etc. Offload 100k+/year for one of their execs onto the Canadian taxpayer and get someone on the inside to shape decisions in their own best interests!! What corporation would die for a deal like that!! It truly does explain a lot as to why we are in the situation we find ourselves in now. It is borderline criminal and a full scale investigation needs to be launched as to how deep this goes and how long it has been happening.

How can the CRTC then be impartial and protecting the best interests of Canadians when the entire organization is stacked and loaded with big telecom executives, whose financial future and career is still completely controlled by the very companies the CRTC is supposed to be protecting us from?
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