CRTC and RCMP National Division Execute Warrants in Malware Investigation


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Yesterday, the CRTC and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) National Division each executed a warrant at a residence located in the Greater Toronto Area. The operation is part of an international coordinated effort with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Australian Federal Police.

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OK, this is most definitely a huge PR spin.

The CRTC is not a judicial or public enforcement agency and have absolutely 0 powers in regards to policing the general public. Therefore, there is absolutely no way they would be able to apply for a warrant, let alone have anyone on staff that would have the powers to execute such a theoretical warrant.

It could very well be that the CRTC worked in very close proximity to the RCMP, was an active participant in the investigation and an active member in the end result of the RCMP obtaining and executing a warrant but they have no such powers to do so themselves. Hell, the CRTC has a hard enough time collecting on fines they issue, let alone go all out, strapping on bullet-proof vests, complete with gun holsters, busting down doors of private residences.

Let's get real here!!
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