Condo/apartment telecom risers & 'ownership'


I know this was hashed out a bit in the 'other' place but if were are to make this forum a living breathing thing, I thought I'd get back into it here as more and more providers may want to deal with older buildings.


Developer builds building long ago.
Conduit is placed as risers/laterals as building is constructed.
Who paid for the conduits? Developer or telco/cableco?

Telco/cableco come along during construction and pull cables in conduit (unlikely to have been done by the developer as part of the construction contract with their general contractor).

Who owns the conduit?

Are the telco/cableco today entitled to 'abandon' cables in-situ if they want by physically cutting them flush to each ceiling/floor slab - just to be pricks and make it difficult for anyone else to use those conduits if they just happen to use empty risers for new fiber installs? Is this commonplace?

Come back to the recent Beanfield vs. indumbents vs. condo corporation CRTC 2016-324 and


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I would guess the conduits are part of the building and are owned by the building owner.
The contents (cables) would probably be owned by the company that put them there (unless they sold the cables).


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It's an interesting argument. I would assume whomever put the cables there would own them, unless there is some sort of agreement that says otherwise.

As to the conduits themselves, they were likely installed when the building was built by the builder (though admittedly I haven't ready the decision yet).
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