Chris Seidl to the Standing Committee on Industry, Science and Technology

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Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications

We appreciate this opportunity to contribute to your Committee’s study of Motion M-208. This study addresses important areas within the scope of Canada’s telecommunications regulators: Innovation, Science and Economic Development as the spectrum regulator and the CRTC. Reliable and accessible digital infrastructure is indispensable to individuals, public institutions and businesses of all sizes in today’s world – regardless of where Canadians live.

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Why is it that we are suddenly seeing all of these PR releases from the CRTC when, on the other hand, they have taken absolutely 0 actions on the most important decisions on their docket and have not only closed the door, but completely slammed it in the face of each and every Canadian in regards to transparency from within the CRTC?

This is quite a spin job since Mr. Scott took chair at the CRTC. Unfortunately, the majority of the general public are likely buying this absolute snowjob!!
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