Bell Let's Talk Campaign


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OK so I got added to this facebook message campaign where every share posted about it garnered a 5 cent donation to some charity from Bell.

I typically don't go on facebood so I mostly ignored it for a while but then finally had enough and decided to educate people on the ways of not only Bell but also the other members of the telecom cartel in this country.

If anyone else has received this and beein prompted to post it, please do so with a link back to here to Michael Geists forum so people can actually educate themselves on how Bell operates and what they truly when hidden in the shadows of the public eye.

El Quintron

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The problem with these "philanthropic" campaigns is that they stem from insufficient corporate taxes. I'd rather see audited government spending on mental health, based on scientific evidence, rather than a politically motivated charity like "Let's Talk" dump a bunch of unpredictable money (could be too much or too little) once a year.
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