Bell launches $75 15GB promotional plan to compete with Telus


Jonathan Lamont


With all the hype around the new unlimited data plans from Rogers and Bell, it can be easy to miss some of the other promotional offers the carriers have.

Bell, for example, launched a bring your own device (BYOD) plan offering 15GB of data for $75 per month. The promotional plan appears to be positioned to compete with Telus’ similar promotional offer.

The main difference between Bell’s promo and Telus’ promo is that the latter offering is a 10GB plan with a 5GB bonus that drops off after 24 months. Bell appears to be a flat 15GB, but the company’s website doesn’t specify. We’ve reached out to Bell for clarification.

Like the Telus offer, Bell’s data is not shareable.

Along with the 15GB of data, Bell’s promo plan also has unlimited Canada-wide calling and unlimited Canada text messaging.

This promo plan doesn’t feature unlimited usage like Bell’s other plans, so if you need more data, you’ll have to pay. In this case, additional data costs $10 for 100MB up to a 500MB max, and then costs $0.12 per MB after that.

The promo plans are available for a limited time.

You can learn more about Bell’s promo plans here.

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