Bell FTTH installation and review

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I had my FTTH install recently and figured it's a good time to post a review about my experience:

For now I'm giving the process 2.5/5, the discounted price is better than TPIA Cable 250/20 by about 15/mo, but the installation, and follow up were problematic.

Day 1:

Installation is "done". Tech leaves with a sync'd modem and everthing looks to be in order. I proceed to try and replace the modem with a Media converter, but I'm unsuccessful, I try and reinstate the HH3000, but I'm not syncing at this point.

A few logins, and attempts to get it going, are unsuccessful, after going outside to water some plants, I notice that some animal got the to cable, and the reason I'm not up and running because obvious.

Day 2:

Call to Bell tech support gets me a visit by a tech later that day but the tech doesn't show.

Day 3:

Call to Bell tech support gets me updated ticket, with a narrower timeframe for the visit.

Day 4:

New Tech shows up, repairs the Corning cable and we're good to go... finally.

The good:

1.5 down/940 up: with my network gear, that's as close to 1:1 as I'm ever going to get. Works great with my router and Cloudflare DNS

The Bad:

Clumsy installation, repeated calls to tech support, bill doesn't show I'm on auto pay.

Ideally this is going to be a set it and forget it from now, and the next call I'm putting in to these guys is to let them know I'm switching to a TPIA FTTH provider.
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