1. Rednekcowboy @ Rednekcowboy:
    @El Quintron Yes sir
  2. El Quintron @ El Quintron:
    @Rednekcowboy Are you back from vacation?
  3. Rednekcowboy @ Rednekcowboy:
  4. Rednekcowboy @ Rednekcowboy:
  5. Rednekcowboy @ Rednekcowboy:
    added a new travel section at the bottom of the forums for reviews on your various excursions
  6. Rednekcowboy @ Rednekcowboy:
    thanks @SysOp I upgraded the main forums to the latest version plus some of the plugins, such as the shoutbox to the latest versions as well
  7. S @ SysOp:
    upgrades.... -- looking good.
  8. Rednekcowboy @ Rednekcowboy:
    the subforums and everything else, they show just fine so please remember to click on an ad or two every visit
  9. G Guest:
    so it's just the main page that the ads aren't showing
  10. Rednekcowboy @ Rednekcowboy:
    not sure what is happening with ads as I changed nothing. will have to do a deep dive and figure it out
  11. Rednekcowboy @ Rednekcowboy:
    I am back
  12. dillyhammer @ dillyhammer:
    I'm not seeing any more ads?
  13. El Quintron @ El Quintron:
  14. dillyhammer @ dillyhammer:
  15. Rednekcowboy @ Rednekcowboy:
    my new drinking buddy
  16. Rednekcowboy @ Rednekcowboy:
  17. HiVolt @ HiVolt:
    ouch. lucky i'm on Koodo.
  18. dillyhammer @ dillyhammer:
    Wow... That's alarming. Shame our privacy commission is such a joke. This'll get brushed under the carpet.
  19. Rednekcowboy @ Rednekcowboy:
    Anyone use Freedom?
  20. Rednekcowboy @ Rednekcowboy:
  21. Rednekcowboy @ Rednekcowboy:
  22. Rednekcowboy @ Rednekcowboy:
    So looks like we won't have any decision any time soon in regards to wholesale FTTH access. The CRTC plans to start examing this NEXT YEAR!!
  23. Rednekcowboy @ Rednekcowboy:
    LOL, we get along pretty well most of the time. It's been a few years now so we really don't have much contact with each other any longer.
  24. dillyhammer @ dillyhammer:
    Co-operative ex-wife? Good heavens man. You're killing me. :cool:
  25. Rednekcowboy @ Rednekcowboy:
    I think I am due :p
  26. Rednekcowboy @ Rednekcowboy:
    LOL. It is the first vacation I have taken in 20 years. My ex is actually going to take my daughter for the 11 days I'm gone (I have her full time)
  27. dillyhammer @ dillyhammer:
    You get to go the DR solo? Dude. You're my hero...
  28. Rednekcowboy @ Rednekcowboy:
    Just me. A friend who lives there has a birthday on the 11th.
  29. El Quintron @ El Quintron:
    Just you or with the kids?
  30. El Quintron @ El Quintron:
    Awesome! Have a great trip.
  31. Rednekcowboy @ Rednekcowboy:
    Nice. I'm leaving for the Dominican in a couple of weeks!
  32. El Quintron @ El Quintron:
    Back from MX
  33. Rednekcowboy @ Rednekcowboy:
    all the themes I currently have are white backgrounds but I can see if I can find one for you
  34. HiVolt @ HiVolt:
    hey guys is there a darker coloured theme here, I can't seem to find it. I'm trying a shift to darker themes wherever I can to ease strain on eyes.
  35. Rednekcowboy @ Rednekcowboy:
    And welcome back!!
  36. Rednekcowboy @ Rednekcowboy:
    Your welcome :)
  37. Davesnothere @ Davesnothere:
    I just edited one of my shouts and it worked. :cool:
  38. Davesnothere @ Davesnothere:
    The button icons to the immediate right of this entry box have returned too. Who do we thank ?
  39. Davesnothere @ Davesnothere:
    Now that I am logged in, I notice that the icons to allow shoutbox posts to be edited and/or deleted have returned, which is interesting because they had become missing after the system upgrade and theme upgrade.
  40. Davesnothere @ Davesnothere:
    I did not try to post until after logging in though.
  41. Davesnothere @ Davesnothere:
    When I returned today, my login had lapsed, but I could still see the shoutbox.
  42. Rednekcowboy @ Rednekcowboy:
    Thanks to everyone once again. It appears that everything is working as normal again.
  43. Rednekcowboy @ Rednekcowboy:
    thanks @dillyhammer it is greatly appreciated.
  44. Rednekcowboy @ Rednekcowboy:
    Gary did some work on the servers, seems to have done the trick.
  45. dillyhammer @ dillyhammer:
    Guest was looking for an attack vector via scripting. Guest had no clue what they are doing. Shouts removed. :)
  46. El Quintron @ El Quintron:
    What's up with Guest over here?
  47. El Quintron @ El Quintron:
    I Clicked an ad on Wednesday from work. I have pihole running at home, I'll add an exception
  48. dillyhammer @ dillyhammer:
    Yeah. I've arrived a few times and saw no ads displayed. Never thought much about it. Click 'em when I see 'em. :)
  49. HiVolt @ HiVolt:
    Like i said to you via pm they dont always appear. But I try to click em when they do.
  50. dillyhammer @ dillyhammer:
    I click ads every time I come here, without fail. I do know they discount clicks that come bunched up from one IP.
  51. Rednekcowboy @ Rednekcowboy:
    has anyone clicked on an ad in the last 7 days? just curious as adsense is saying no
  52. HiVolt @ HiVolt:
    i honestly think as long as DSLR is still around, it will be quite hard to attract a permanent following..
  53. Rednekcowboy @ Rednekcowboy:
    Sorry all, been working too much this week and only getting a couple hours of sleep a night. Then on top of that was fighting with Goggle Adsense. I didn't mean to come off so abrasive, it was more of a plea for help than a chastising. Again, very sorry for the way it came across.
  54. Rednekcowboy @ Rednekcowboy:
    I gave this 1 year to become self-sufficient. we are falling way short of that goal.
  55. Rednekcowboy @ Rednekcowboy:
    It's almost domain and namserver renewal time. we have until then to grow the site. if not, I will have no choice left
  56. Rednekcowboy @ Rednekcowboy:
    don't mean to sound like that guy but I need help here
  57. Rednekcowboy @ Rednekcowboy:
    I've asked that you guys click at least 1 ad every time you visit the site and that isn't getting done, we have no new members, aren't getting any new traffick. there is only so much I can do on m own
  58. Rednekcowboy @ Rednekcowboy:
    we need traffick, membership and activity on the site
  59. Rednekcowboy @ Rednekcowboy:
  60. Rednekcowboy @ Rednekcowboy:
  61. Rednekcowboy @ Rednekcowboy:
    good to see my test post work @Davesnothere!! so guest posting in the shoutbox is working and functional. All admins please keep a close eye and if it gets out of hand simply disable access via group permissions in the admincp
  62. G Guest:
    @Davesnothere is a CRTC fanboi!!!
  63. Rednekcowboy @ Rednekcowboy:
    guest posting in shoutbox only is enabled on a temp basis. will see how it goes
  64. Rednekcowboy @ Rednekcowboy:
    guests can now view the shoutbox. i will enable posting as well on a temp basis just to see how it works
  65. Rednekcowboy @ Rednekcowboy:
  66. Rednekcowboy @ Rednekcowboy:
    What a joke!!
  67. Rednekcowboy @ Rednekcowboy:
  68. Rednekcowboy @ Rednekcowboy:
  69. Rednekcowboy @ Rednekcowboy:
    There is an exchange program in place that allows executives to work for the CRTC while getting paid from the telecom company (ie Bell, Telus, Rogers) and then get that salary reimbursed to that telecom company for the duration of their tenure at the CRTC. Those executives are still directly paid by the telecom company during this tenure.
  70. Rednekcowboy @ Rednekcowboy:
  71. Rednekcowboy @ Rednekcowboy:
    Hi all, please welcome Clark from and make sure to check out his section and website for some great deals on some unbelievable products!!
  72. Rednekcowboy @ Rednekcowboy:
    How do you find the estimated cooking and prep times?
  73. El Quintron @ El Quintron:
    One immediate complaint I have with the service is that all of their meals have an 2 or 4 meal option, but the vegetarian option maxes out at 3 meals a week. That's somewhat obnoxious
  74. El Quintron @ El Quintron:
    I started with the low carb package, but switched to the Vegetarian option. I Eat meat for dinner at least 4-5 times a week. So forcing myself to eat 3 vegetarian meals a week is probably a good plan
  75. dillyhammer @ dillyhammer:
    Google Home integration with Nvidia Shield and Android TV totally broken for the last 3 weeks. No resolution in sight. The Mobile Syrup post is a PR exercise initiated by Google.
  76. Rednekcowboy @ Rednekcowboy:
    Just a friendly reminder to click on an ad once a visit/day if you can please. This really helps with generating revenue to cover site costs.
  77. Rednekcowboy @ Rednekcowboy:
    Finally resolved my issues with the Rift!! What a journey!!
  78. Rednekcowboy @ Rednekcowboy:
    Awesome!! what package did you get?
  79. El Quintron @ El Quintron:
    Also pulled the trigger on Good Food... looking forward to it
  80. El Quintron @ El Quintron:
    Just sending some shoutbox love
  81. Davesnothere @ Davesnothere:
  82. Davesnothere @ Davesnothere:
    Facebook is killing discussion boards.
  83. Rednekcowboy @ Rednekcowboy:
    Am I ever kicking myself for swapping out my vive for the rift. what a contrasting experience!!
  84. Rednekcowboy @ Rednekcowboy:
  85. Rednekcowboy @ Rednekcowboy:
    OH, just an update. I got the reactions plugin functional again. You know have a plethora of emotions to chose from.
  86. Rednekcowboy @ Rednekcowboy:
  87. Rednekcowboy @ Rednekcowboy:
    I hate facebook myself but very awesome discussions going on. The CRTC is getting absolutely hammered with very well deserved criticisms and there are even a few calls to have Ian Scott fired immediately!!
  88. Rednekcowboy @ Rednekcowboy:
  89. Rednekcowboy @ Rednekcowboy:
    yet more lip service with no actual movement....
  90. Rednekcowboy @ Rednekcowboy:
  91. Rednekcowboy @ Rednekcowboy:
    I hope it continues. I actually found myself looking forward to it every week.
  92. Davesnothere @ Davesnothere:
    I like the show, as well as Superior Donuts (RIP) and Kim's Convenience (CBC).
  93. Davesnothere @ Davesnothere:
    There has been plenty of speculation online, but no decision so far.
  94. Davesnothere @ Davesnothere: