1. dillyhammer @ dillyhammer:
    GO LEAFS GO!!! Dammit!
  2. Rednekcowboy @ Rednekcowboy:
    Ya, it's the same old tactic they use every time. Give us what we want or we refuse to build out--yet the majority of the funding for those buildouts comes directly from the government anyways.
  3. dillyhammer @ dillyhammer:
    Bell's response was a little uglier, but yeah. Let the crying games begin...
  4. Rednekcowboy @ Rednekcowboy:
    Cry me a river
  5. Rednekcowboy @ Rednekcowboy:
  6. Rednekcowboy @ Rednekcowboy:
    Yup. While what they did was OK, it wasn't enough as they left the most important decision out of the ruling
  7. dillyhammer @ dillyhammer:
    Well.. I guess that decision doesn't include FTTH access, just tariffs for certain higher speeds... the wait continues...
  8. dillyhammer @ dillyhammer: