1. Rednekcowboy @ Rednekcowboy:
    Yup. While what they did was OK, it wasn't enough as they left the most important decision out of the ruling
  2. dillyhammer @ dillyhammer:
    Well.. I guess that decision doesn't include FTTH access, just tariffs for certain higher speeds... the wait continues...
  3. dillyhammer @ dillyhammer:
  4. Rednekcowboy @ Rednekcowboy:
  5. Rednekcowboy @ Rednekcowboy:
    @El Quintron Yes sir
  6. El Quintron @ El Quintron:
    @Rednekcowboy Are you back from vacation?
  7. Rednekcowboy @ Rednekcowboy:
  8. Rednekcowboy @ Rednekcowboy:
  9. Rednekcowboy @ Rednekcowboy:
    added a new travel section at the bottom of the forums for reviews on your various excursions
  10. Rednekcowboy @ Rednekcowboy:
    thanks @SysOp I upgraded the main forums to the latest version plus some of the plugins, such as the shoutbox to the latest versions as well
  11. S @ SysOp:
    upgrades.... -- looking good.
  12. Rednekcowboy @ Rednekcowboy:
    the subforums and everything else, they show just fine so please remember to click on an ad or two every visit
  13. G Guest:
    so it's just the main page that the ads aren't showing
  14. Rednekcowboy @ Rednekcowboy:
    not sure what is happening with ads as I changed nothing. will have to do a deep dive and figure it out
  15. Rednekcowboy @ Rednekcowboy:
    I am back
  16. dillyhammer @ dillyhammer:
    I'm not seeing any more ads?
  17. El Quintron @ El Quintron:
  18. dillyhammer @ dillyhammer:
  19. Rednekcowboy @ Rednekcowboy:
    my new drinking buddy
  20. Rednekcowboy @ Rednekcowboy:
  21. HiVolt @ HiVolt:
    ouch. lucky i'm on Koodo.
  22. dillyhammer @ dillyhammer:
    Wow... That's alarming. Shame our privacy commission is such a joke. This'll get brushed under the carpet.
  23. Rednekcowboy @ Rednekcowboy:
    Anyone use Freedom?
  24. Rednekcowboy @ Rednekcowboy:
  25. Rednekcowboy @ Rednekcowboy:
  26. Rednekcowboy @ Rednekcowboy:
    So looks like we won't have any decision any time soon in regards to wholesale FTTH access. The CRTC plans to start examing this NEXT YEAR!!
  27. Rednekcowboy @ Rednekcowboy:
    LOL, we get along pretty well most of the time. It's been a few years now so we really don't have much contact with each other any longer.
  28. dillyhammer @ dillyhammer:
    Co-operative ex-wife? Good heavens man. You're killing me. :cool:
  29. Rednekcowboy @ Rednekcowboy:
    I think I am due :p
  30. Rednekcowboy @ Rednekcowboy:
    LOL. It is the first vacation I have taken in 20 years. My ex is actually going to take my daughter for the 11 days I'm gone (I have her full time)
  31. dillyhammer @ dillyhammer:
    You get to go the DR solo? Dude. You're my hero...
  32. Rednekcowboy @ Rednekcowboy:
    Just me. A friend who lives there has a birthday on the 11th.
  33. El Quintron @ El Quintron:
    Just you or with the kids?
  34. El Quintron @ El Quintron:
    Awesome! Have a great trip.
  35. Rednekcowboy @ Rednekcowboy:
    Nice. I'm leaving for the Dominican in a couple of weeks!
  36. El Quintron @ El Quintron:
    Back from MX
  37. Rednekcowboy @ Rednekcowboy:
    all the themes I currently have are white backgrounds but I can see if I can find one for you
  38. HiVolt @ HiVolt:
    hey guys is there a darker coloured theme here, I can't seem to find it. I'm trying a shift to darker themes wherever I can to ease strain on eyes.
  39. Rednekcowboy @ Rednekcowboy:
    And welcome back!!
  40. Rednekcowboy @ Rednekcowboy:
    Your welcome :)
  41. Davesnothere @ Davesnothere:
    I just edited one of my shouts and it worked. :cool:
  42. Davesnothere @ Davesnothere:
    The button icons to the immediate right of this entry box have returned too. Who do we thank ?
  43. Davesnothere @ Davesnothere:
    Now that I am logged in, I notice that the icons to allow shoutbox posts to be edited and/or deleted have returned, which is interesting because they had become missing after the system upgrade and theme upgrade.
  44. Davesnothere @ Davesnothere:
    I did not try to post until after logging in though.
  45. Davesnothere @ Davesnothere:
    When I returned today, my login had lapsed, but I could still see the shoutbox.