1. dillyhammer @ dillyhammer:
  2. El Quintron @ El Quintron:
    People are doing good at my house, my kids are really really bored, but bored = safe, so I keep telling them.
  3. dillyhammer @ dillyhammer:
    Hey EQ! Good here, all things considered. Hope you're doing well, and hope everyone is safe. Cheers.
  4. El Quintron @ El Quintron:
    Hope you guys are all safe,
  5. El Quintron @ El Quintron:
  6. G Guest:
  7. G Guest:
  8. Rednekcowboy @ Rednekcowboy:
    Now that is an awesome read!!
  9. Rednekcowboy @ Rednekcowboy:
  10. Rednekcowboy @ Rednekcowboy:
    What a bunch of bullshit!! To outright conduct a PR campaign while completely lying to the general public is absolutely disgusting!!
  11. Rednekcowboy @ Rednekcowboy:
  12. Rednekcowboy @ Rednekcowboy:
    @dillyhammer agree completely!! I wish i had more time to dedicate but this new job is killing me slowly lol
  13. dillyhammer @ dillyhammer:
    Life is good! Lots of users are MIA, need to get them back here and generate some traffic and chatter.
  14. Rednekcowboy @ Rednekcowboy:
    how is life?
  15. Rednekcowboy @ Rednekcowboy:
    been incredibly busy with new job and life
  16. Rednekcowboy @ Rednekcowboy:
    sorry for my vanishing act lately!!
  17. G Guest:
    What's on my mind? What's on YOUr mind... :)