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  1. Rednekcowboy

    Election 2019: Conservatives would also tax tech giants if elected

    Yes, let's completely alienate Canada's fastest growing industry so they move all operations outside of this country and take away all of those jobs that are being created.
  2. Rednekcowboy

    Official 2019 - 2020 Toronto Maple Leafs Thread

    Hey, usually they start the season with a bang and then fizzle out as the season goes on. Maybe they're trying a different strategy this year--suck at the beginning and then surprise everyone with a strong run at the end!! :p
  3. Rednekcowboy

    TekSavvy Protests Push for Pirate Site Blocking in Court

    Good for Teksavvy, they are 100% correct in their comments!!
  4. Rednekcowboy

    Montreal looks to unclog its streets with small electric courier vehicles

    A better move would simply to disallow all non-commercial traffic monday-friday in the downtown core--but that will never happen.
  5. Rednekcowboy

    Platform Exclusives Could Boost Piracy, UK Govt Report Notes

    Duh, well it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure this out.
  6. Rednekcowboy

    Official 2019 - 2020 Toronto Maple Leafs Thread

    Ya, I haven't checked what it is in Montreal. I can usually find streams for any games I want to watch and for the most part really haven't watched much except for the world juniors the last few years anyways. Last year I was with Bell and got TSN just for the Christmas period but this year I...
  7. Rednekcowboy

    Official 2019 - 2020 Toronto Maple Leafs Thread

    I ended up with Videotron with gigabit for $85/month no tv package though. I refuse to pay outrageous prices for something I never watch.
  8. Rednekcowboy

    Official 2019 - 2020 Toronto Maple Leafs Thread

    Does DAZN do NHL?
  9. Rednekcowboy

    CRTC orders Bell to not suspend Vidéotron roaming services

    Funny how Videotron has a spat with Bell over TV services and then Bell threatens to cut off their roaming agreements. Good for Videotron fighting them.
  10. Rednekcowboy

    Rogers says CRTC wholesale rates decision will have $140 million impact on business

    Oh wah wah, cry me an f'n river! They've been gouging and undercutting TPIA's and got caught with their hand in the cookie jar! Now, like the petulant 3year old, they are throwing a temper tantrum and are taking their ball home so no one else can play with it. These are the companiethat we...
  11. Rednekcowboy

    Bell, Rogers and Telus tie for Canada’s most trusted carrier: survey

    Just goes to show that people don't inform themselves very well.
  12. Rednekcowboy

    Ottawa partners with Telesat to bring high-speed internet to remote Canadian regions

    AWESOME! It is nice to see the government actually take the initiative instead of waiting for the current players to fulfill their obligations to the Canadian taxpayer. I wish the CRTC would stand up and take notice that the market is so badly under-served by the current providers that the...
  13. Rednekcowboy


    Not a review just yet, just wondering other's thoughts really. I am doing the trial right now and it seems like a pretty good deal for only $20/month. I'm not a big sports guy but have recently returned to watching boxing lately and they definitely have a lot of content for that. My 4K Tv...
  14. Rednekcowboy

    No Longer a “Proposed” Telecom Policy Direction: Government Resets Canadian Telecom Policy With Emphasis on Broader Approach to Competition

    Well at least if Mr. Scott refuses to do anything, the government is now forcing his hand. I still feel the best avenue would be to replace him as CRTC chair immediately but this is a definite step in the right direction!!
  15. Rednekcowboy

    Chris Seidl to the Standing Committee on Industry, Science and Technology

    Why is it that we are suddenly seeing all of these PR releases from the CRTC when, on the other hand, they have taken absolutely 0 actions on the most important decisions on their docket and have not only closed the door, but completely slammed it in the face of each and every Canadian in...
  16. Rednekcowboy

    Rogers Calls for Expansion of Media Bailout to Cover Broadcast Organizations…and Thinks Netflix Should Pay For It

    Yet another corporate welfare scam because companies refuse to change their archaic business model. This is even worse because Rogers is going on the attack against a company the initiated technological change in their landscape and delivered a model that customers want. Hey Rogers, instead of...
  17. Rednekcowboy

    Telecom regulatory policy 2019-190

    Added the English link as well as the French link. Basically the changes are to, once again, reduce public transparency into this process. While applications may be made public, large sections of those submissions can be deemed confidential and hidden from public viewing. It is yet another...
  18. Rednekcowboy

    CRTC launches the Broadband Fund to improve Internet and mobile wireless access

    The key here is "mobile wireless access." This should not even be part of this Broadband Initiative. In underserved areas, this gives the likes of Bell carte blanche to forego the cheaper wireline access to customers and continue to force them to the multitude more expensive mobile plans with...
  19. Rednekcowboy

    Ian Scott to the Canadian Telecom Summit “Fostering Choice, Innovation and Better Prices for Canadians”

    To be extremely frank, I had a hard time keeping down my dinner while reading this. There has never been, as far back as I can remember, such a period of inaction, avoidance of action, lack of transparency and outright and very public disdain by the CRTC towards not only the Canadian public but...
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